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Terms & Conditions

Sales/No Refund Policy: 


All sales are final. Products sold on our website are considered customized items as each order is filled to suit your specific business/company needs. For this reason we cannot accept returns. We do not guarantee results as hair and skin respond differently to different products. If you are unsure of how a product will work, please order samples. We do not guarantee the efficacy of customized items nor will we know how they will perform for you. Due to the nature of our products, we do not provide exchanges; there are no exceptions to our no refund policy. 



We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear on our site, however, due to the 100% hand crafting manufacturing process we can not guarantee that any color will be accurate. Due to the nature of natural products, herbal extracts and natural botanicals may be seen in hair and cosmetic products. This does not change the efficacy of the product and is not cause for concern. All Envii Haircare products sold on this website are intended for cosmetic applications applied externally to the hair. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended use. Note that during seasonal temperature changes natural products can become thinner or thicker. We cannot replace your product if it is not the viscosity that you expected. While samples can give you a general idea of what a larger size will be like, sometimes there can be slight differences. Natural ingredients do vary from lot to lot and thus a finished product can have slight variations. All of our products and ingredients are carefully chosen for quality and are manufactured under GMP Standards. Products are guaranteed for up to 12 months from day of receipt. Envii Haircare is the sole manufacturer of Envii Haircare products.

Cancellations & Order Changes:


Orders can be cancelled and/or altered only 24 hours after order placement. There are no exceptions. Envii Haircare is not responsible for order placement mistakes made by the buyer. No exceptions. After 24 hours from order placement the sale is considered FINAL and cannot be canceled or altered. Envii Haircare, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime, with or without cause or reason. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and professionalism, and expect the same respect from all customers. In the event of conflicting interests, disputes, or policy violation, Envii Haircare reserves the right to refuse future service and refund all monies payed by the customer (unless order has already been filled and/or shipped) without notice. Envii Haircare reserves the right to cancel pending orders for issues due to failure/refusal to review/agree to our Private Label Manufacturing Agreement, suspicious activity/unverified and unconfirmed accounts and conflict. No exceptions.

Zero Tolerance Chargeback Policy:


Customers are urged to contact us by email prior to filing a chargeback. In many cases, any dissatisfaction can be resolved simply and easily. A chargeback occurs when a customer contacts a credit card-issuing bank to initiate a refund for a purchase they made on their credit card. Since chargebacks are costly and can add a considerable amount to our operating costs, which will ultimately affect the ability to provide the best prices for our valuable customers, we will not tolerate chargeback abuses. All abusers will be reported to the Chargeback Protection Project, which may affect an abuser's ability to purchase at other online retailers across the United States. In all cases where the chargeback is clearly fraudulent and/or an attempt to circumvent Envii Haircare's policy and contract, we will file a report with the IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center), the customer's local authorities as well as with the Better Business Bureau. If the product was delivered via U.S. Mail or to a Post Office box, we will also file a mail fraud complaint with the postmaster or Federal Authorities. Envii Haircare will turn delinquent accounts over to a collections agency and reports will be filed with all credit bureaus as a delinquent collection account. You are fully responsible for paying all monies owed to Envii Haircare. In respect of any payment made by you, you agree that you will not make any charge-backs, and/or deny or reverse any such payment and will reimburse the Supplier for any charge-backs, denial or reversal of payments you make and any loss suffered by the Supplier as a consequence. In the event that payment of a shipped order is reversed by you or a third party payment processor you are responsible for making payment to Envii Haircare immediately. Payment is due within 24 hours of reversal. Past due amounts will accrue a penalty of $1.00 per day until payment in full is made. Delinquent accounts are turned over to a collection agency and reported to the credit Bureau.


Due to the nature of our business, some clients would like to be kept confidential. Upon request from client, we will keep you confidential and will not disclose any proprietary information related to your business. However, if you purchase artwork, logo, label design, and other marketing material from us, we have the right to add images to our stock portfolio and social media accounts. Our label and marketing services are deemed optional. 

Acceptable Payment 

We accept all electronic forms of payment, including Apple Pay. The credit card and/or account used for payment must have the same Name, Shipping, and Billing address of the client or business/entity. Any payment received that does not match the name of the client must have written and verified approval from the card holder; if not, payment will become void. 

Label Service: 

In an effort to streamline our process, drastically reduce turnaround time and focus on product formulation requests, we no longer offer label service or any other marketing services. You will be responsible for designing and printing your product labels. Envii Haircare will only provide the product. 

Turnaround Time: 

Turnaround time (production completion) can and will vary. We have an anticipated turnaround of 2 weeks for orders under 400 units that do not require labels. If you are requesting labels to be created and applied to your product, please expect a 3 week turnaround time. Label printing and application are time consuming so the completion date may fluctuate at anytime depending on orders in the queue. Please be sure to schedule and time your inventory needs appropriately. 

Shipping & Handling: 

Items are shipped to protect them from damage while in transit. We wrap labels and package bottles tightly and they are enclosed with peanut packaging. If you are requesting any special packaging or formatting, please specify, we may or may not be able to accommodate. A fee is associated with any request outside of our standard packaging. 

Special Requests: (fee associated)
  • Shrink Wrap 
  • Individual Shrink Wrap 
  • Individual Cartons 


We have the right to refuse or terminate service. You are not legally bound to us by any contract or agreement. Conducting business with us means that you understand our policies and procedures. Conducting business with us means that you are willing follow the policies and procedures we have in place. We are in business to provide a service; to manufacture hair care products. We do not offer, legal advice or consultation services. 



Due to the nature of our business, some clients would like to be kept confidential. Upon request from client, we will keep you confidential and will not disclose any proprietary information related to your business. However, if you choose to have us apply labels to your products, we have the right to display the finished product on our social media sites.