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  • Ultimate Supreme- Private Label Trial Kit

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    Check out our Ultimate Supreme Trial Kit!! 

    Interested in creating your own hair care line? 
    Order a trial size kit from us today! 

    The Ultimate Supreme Private Label Trial Kit comes with all 27 products (not including Men's Grooming Kit). This kit will help you make the best buying decision. You are sure to find some great products to add to your brand.

    In the Ultimate Supreme Trial Kit you'll receive: 


    1. 4 oz Deep Moisture Shampoo (Citrus Blend) 
    2. 4 oz Deep Moisture Shampoo (Floral Blend) 
    3. 4 oz Intense Hydrating Shampoo
    4. 4 oz Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo 
    5. 4 oz Gentle Cleansing Shampoo *NEW
    6. 4 oz Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo *NEW


    7. 4 oz Deep Moisture Conditioner (Citrus Blend) 
    8. 4 oz Deep Moisture Conditioner (Floral Blend) 
    9. 4 oz Intense Hydrating Conditioner 
    10. 4 oz Detoxifying Charcoal Conditioner 
    11. 4 oz Fierce Silkening Conditioner *NEW 
    12. 2 oz Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner 
    13. 2 oz Silkening Co Wash 

    Hair Treatment: 

    14. Dead Sea Mud & Minerals Hair Mask 

    Styling Products: 

    15. 2 oz Blow Dry Cream 
    16. 2 oz Dulce De Leche Moisturizer 
    17. 2 oz Curl Defining Custard 
    18. 2 oz Argan Oil Styling Gel 
    19. 2 oz Hair & Body Butter 
    20. 40 ml Style & Shine Foaming Mousse 
    21. 1 oz Anti-itch & Growth Oil 
    22. 1 oz Silkening Heat Protectant & Shine Serum 
    23. 1 oz Volumizing Shine Spray *NEW
    24. 1 oz Braider's Paradise Pomade *NEW
    25. 1 oz Firm Hold Edge Control *NEW
    26. 40 ml Curl Defining Foaming Mousse *NEW
    27. 1 oz Curl Revitalizing Spray *NEW

    For full list of ingredients, please click on the link associated with each product or visit 

    International Orders must be completed via email. Do NOT purchase trial kit via online store. 
    *Trial Kits ship within 3-5 business days.