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Ultimate- Private Label Trial Kit

$100.00 $80.00

Check Out Our Ultimate Trial Kit!! 

Interested in creating your own hair care line? 

Order a trial size kit from us today! 

The Ultimate Trial Kit is ideal for those who are dedicated to starting or expanding their hair care line. This kit contains most of our highly sought after items.

In the Ultimate Trial Kit you'll receive: 


 1. 4 oz Deep Moisture Shampoo (Citrus Blend)
 2. 4 oz Intense Hydrating Shampoo 
 3. 4 oz Gentle Cleansing Shampoo


  4. 4 oz Deep Moisture Conditioner (Citrus Blend) 
  5. 4 oz Intense Hydrating Conditioner 
  6. 4 oz Fierce Silkening Conditioner

Styling Products: 

 7. 2 oz Blow Dry Cream 
 8. 2 oz Argan Oil Styling Gel 
 9. 2 oz Curl Defining Custard 
 10. 1 oz Anti-itch & Growth Oil 
 11. 1 oz Firm Hold Edge Control
 12. 1 oz Volumizing Shine Spray *NEW
 13. 40 ml Style & Shine Foaming Mousse *NEW

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International Orders must be completed via email. Do NOT purchase trial kit via online store. 

*Trial kits ship within 3-5 business days