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NEW* Men's Essentials Trial Kit

$50.00 $40.00

Check Out Our NEW Men's Essentials Trial Kit!! 

Interested in creating your own hair care line? 

Order a trial size kit from us today! 

This kit is ideal for those who only want to try a handful of products.

In the Men's Essentials Trial Kit you'll receive: 


1. 4 oz Men's Daily Cleansing Shampoo *NEW 
2. 2 oz Gentle Cleansing Beard Wash *NEW 


3. 4 oz Men's Moisture Rich Daily Conditioner *NEW
4. 1 oz Moisture Rich Beard Leave-in Conditioner *NEW

Styling Products: 

5. 1 oz Rosemary + Mint Beard Oil *NEW 
6. 1 oz Daily Beard + Hair Moisturizer *NEW 

For full list of ingredients, please click on the link associated with each product or visit 

International Orders must be completed via email. Do NOT purchase trial kit via online store. 

*Trial kits ship between 3-5 business days