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Conditioner Collection- Private Label Trial Kit

$50.00 $40.00

Check out our Conditioner Collection Trial Kit!! 

Interested in creating your own hair care line? 

Order a trial size kit from us today! 
The Conditioner Collection kit is ideal for those who really love conditioners or hair treatments. 

Once you try our products, let us know if you'd like customization (additional fees apply). 


In the Conditioner Collection Trial Kit you'll receive: 


1.     2.5 oz Deep Moisture Conditioner (Citrus Blend) 

2. 2.5 oz Deep Moisture Conditioner (Floral Blend)

3. 2.5 oz Intense Hydrating Conditioner 

4. 2.5 oz Detoxifying Charcoal Conditioner 

5. 2 oz Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner 

6. 2 oz Silkening Conditioner/ Co Wash 

Hair Treatment: 

7. 2 oz Hair Mask 


For full list of ingredients, please click on the link associated with each product or visit 


*Trial kits ship between 3-5 business days