Premium Quality Private Label Products

Q & A  

Q. How are your products different from other brands? 

Our products are for all hair types. Each product is highly concentrated and formulated to give you the essentials without fillers. We use a special blend of exotic essential oils that are not found in any other product on the market. Most of our products are vegan-friendly. 

Q. What is the shelf life of Envii Haircare products? 

A. 12 months from purchase. 

Q. Can I use products on relaxed hair? 

A. Yes, our products are formulated for natural and chemically treated hair. 

Q. Can I use products on color treated hair? 

A. Yes, our products are proven to retain color (regardless of pigment) while providing moisture. 

Q. Do you ship internationally? 

A. We only ship within the United States

Q. What methods of payment do you accept? 

A. We accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Wire Transfer, Checks and all major credit cards. 

Q. How do I become a distributor? 

A. For Private Label opportunities, please contact us at

Q. What is Private Labeling? 

A. A private label product is manufactured by a contracted manufacturer (such as Envii Haircare) sold under a retailer's brand name. As a retailer, you determine how it's packaged, what the label looks like- and pay to have it produced and delivered to your store. Hair salons often create their own branded line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for their customers to buy and take home. 

Q. Are you the manufacturer of all the products you have listed? 

A. Yes, we are the manufacturer of 100% premium hand-crafted hair care products. 

Q. Can you use my ingredient list? 

A. We can, however, to ensure the safety of the product, efficacy and stability testing is best. Costs vary between $1000 to $2000 per product formulation.  

Q. Can I request modifications or customization to the products I select? 

A. Yes, we allow for customization or modifications. We do not offer customization or modifications to the base of the products. You are able to add or remove essential oils, carrier oils, proteins, aloe vera, colorants, fragrance, and butters. There is a fee of $15 associated with any addition of ingredients. Please see "Private Label Products" tab to learn more.  

Q. Can I modify the trial kit or only try one item? 

A. No, we do not allow modifications to trial kits and we do not sell individual trial items. All items are purchased in kits. 

Q. Will I own my formulas or customization? 

A. Not by default. If you request customization, you'll need to specify that you want exclusivity to your customization, a fee of $1000 will be applied and you will sign a nondisclosure agreement. If you are requesting formulation exclusivity, in which we create a product for you and give you the formula for your own use, a fee of $1500 will be applied. Fee is placed on each customization per product. Example, say you wanted to customize the Curl Custard and Blow Dry Cream and you do not want any other client to have your product, it will be $2000 just for exclusivity. If you want us to formulate a Hair Mask in which you own the formula and all rights to it, the cost will be $1500. 

Q. Can I try the products before I commit? 

A. Yes, it is mandatory that you either purchase a trial kit or have used our products in the past. 

Q. Are your products all natural? 

A. No, our products contain organic, natural and plant-derived ingredients. No product is 100% natural or organic that is sold in stores because their is no such thing as a natural preservative that will be effective. 

Q. Are your products free of toxins? 

A. Yes, our products do not contain harmful chemicals. 

Q. What is the minimum order that I can place? 

A. There is a 20 unit (bottle) minimum and 1 gallon bulk order (without bottles) minimum. 

Q. Do you label the products? 

A. We no longer offer label service. 

Q. Can we provide you with our own labels? 

A. Yes, if your are ordering 400 or more units. An application fee of $.50/unit will apply. 

Q. Do you provide MSDS? 

A. Yes, upon request. 

Q. How long does it take to receive private label order? 

A. We ship via UPS. Allow approx. 2 weeks** for production of products. TAT is determined by the order quantity. Orders over 400 units will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks**. Please note, this is an estimate. Depending on higher or lower volume, orders may ship earlier or later. Your scheduled ship date will be listed on your invoice.  

Q. How will I pay?

A. You will receive an invoice. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Invoice is only valid for up to 48 hours upon receipt. 

Q. Is there an agreement prior to production?

A. Yes, you will be sent a Private Label Manufacturing Agreement within the invoice. You must acknowledge and sign before we begin work. We also ask that you review our "Terms and Conditions" tab for additional information. 

Q. Is there a refund policy? 

A. For Private Label orders and trial kits, there are no refunds. If the product(s) are defective we will assess and determine the appropriate next steps as outlined in the Private Label Manufacturing Agreement. 

Q. Are there discounts for orders? 

A. Aside from the discount offered on our price list, we offer very nice incentives for orders over 400 units. If you are requesting over 400 units, please contact us and we will provide you with the discounted price. 

Q. Can I speak with a staff member rather than send an email?

A. In an effort to expedite your requests and/or questions, we ask that you email us. We are a manufacturing company that places a high emphasis on making premium quality hair care products. We do not offer business consultation or any other services outside of manufacturing. Most people find that our website provides them with an ample amount of information as to what we do and the services that we provide. Please send ALL questions or comments to This will help us keep record of our discussion for future reference and sending an email gives you a chance to list all of the questions you have for us to answer at once. We value each and every one of your questions, comments and concerns.