Premium Quality Private Label Products

Product Formulation  

Whether you are seeking a contract manufacturer to mass produce a product that you already have in the market or to create one for you, we can do both. 

Mass Production 

Are your products performing well in the market, but you can't keep up with demand? We offer contract manufacturing to alleviate the stress and labor associated with having to bottle, fill and label your own products. If you have an existing product you want us to manufacture for you, please email us at We will work with you to determine you needs. 

Product Formulation Requests? 

Are you new to the industry? Seeking an addition to an already incredible line of beauty products you carry? We may be able to assist you with formulating a product or product(s) for you from scratch! This option is a more pricier than private labeling, but can be well worth the investment as your brand grows. 

Product Formulation Request Form Here: Product Formulation Request Form