Premium Quality Private Label Products

Pricing & Other Options 

Stock Product Pricing

**Please note: Pricing below are for products with bottles (referred to as "units") and for bulk orders (by the gallon). For example 30 units/bottles of 8.4 oz Deep Moisture Shampoo will be $150 + shipping +tax (if applicable). For 2 gallons of Deep Moisture Shampoo it will be $128 +shipping +tax (if applicable). 

Pricing by the bottle (20 unit minimum):

*Pricing is subject to change 

Bulk Pricing (1 gallon minimum): 

*Pricing is subject to change


Are you looking to increase profit margins? Interested in lowering your Cost Per Unit (CPU)? Check out our discount structure below: 


Per Product: 

60 to 120 units/product: 15% discount 

Total Units:

400 to 900 units: 20% discount 

901 to 1,500 units: 25% discount 

1,501 to 2,300 units: 30% discount 

2,301 to 3,000 units: 35% discount 

3,001 to 4,000 units: 40% discount 

4,001 to 5,000 units: 45% discount

*Pricing is subject to change


Per Product: 

3 to 6 gal./product: 15% discount 

Total Units:

7 to 10 gal.: 20% discount 

11 to 80 gal.: 25% discount 

81 to 350 gal.: 30% discount 

351 to 1,000 gal: 35% discount 

1,001 to 4,000 gal.: 40% discount 

4,001 to 5,000 gal.: 45% discount

*Pricing is subject to change

Large Order Incentives

We love offering our clients with the choice of starting out small or going all in! With Envii Haircare, YOU SPEND MORE= YOU SAVE MORE! That's why we offer awesome discounts based on quantity of units or gallons purchased. 

Benefits when ordering 400 units or more: 

  • Up to 45% off product total 
  • One-Stop-Shop Label Service 
  • Eligible for Shipping B2B 
  • 4 oz, 12 oz, or 16 oz container options 

Benefits when ordering 11 gallons or more: 

  • Up to 45% off product total 
  • S&H discounts 


  1. Product Formulation too expensive? 
  2. Not sure what your clients or target market prefer? 
  3. Want to test out a customized product before buying large orders?  
  4. Want to send us your own costume blend of fragrance? 

These are just a few benefits of being able to remove or add certain ingredients to your product line. Some ingredients may or may not blend with our existing formulas. We will let you know prior to production if the changes are feasible or not. We do not allow changes to the base of any product (typically the first 5 ingredients). 

What's The Price Per Add-on? 

For every add-on it costs $15 for every (30) units OR (2) gallons of product. There is no fee to remove items. There no substitutions. 


(30) Intense Hydrating Shampoo + $15 Raw Honey + $15 Silk Amino Acids + $15 Coconut Water
(60) Intense Hydrating Shampoo + $30 Raw Honey + $30 Silk Amino Acids + $30 Coconut Water

Items marked with an (*) are USDA Certified Organic 

Trial Items 

We've got 10 Private Label Trial Kits to choose from! Our Shampoo Frenzy and The Shampoo & Conditioner Collection Kit now are available in 4 oz! 

1. The Ultimate Supreme Kit: This kit is ideal for those who are very serious about starting or expanding their hair care empire. Packed with all 20 items that we carry. You are sure to find several items to start with! [$135]
2. The Ultimate Kit:This kit is ideal for those who are dedicated to starting or expanding their hair care line. It has most of the higher end items we carry. [$115]
3. Styling Product Frenzy KitThis kit is ideal for those who just want to try our styling products.[$70]
4. Curly Classics Kit: This kit is ideal for those looking to market their hair care line specifically to a those with curly hair. [$65]
5. Conditioner Collection KitThis kit is ideal for those that really love conditioners or hair treatments. [$50]
6. The Essentials KitThis kit is a smaller version of our Ultimate Kit. This kit is best for those who are unsure of what products to try. We've placed some of our top sellers in this kit. [$55]
7. New Product Premier KitThis kit contains our newest items! This kit is ideal for current clients who already have purchased products in the past. [$55]
8. Shampoo & Conditioner Collection KitThis kit is ideal for those who simply want to try our line of shampoos and conditioner. [$80]
9. Heat Styling Haven KitThis kit is ideal for those who use heat styling to achieve their desired looks. Great for silk presses or any flat iron or blow dry enthusiast. [$55]
10. Shampoo Frenzy Kit: This it is ideal for those who just want to try the shampoos. Perfect for those who have a ton of hair and feel that they need additional shampoo that may not come in their kit. [$50]

*International Orders MUST be placed via email. DO NOT PURCHASE via online store. 

***Our trial kits are between 4 oz. and 1 oz. containers. These items are for you to "try." This includes checking for texture, consistency, color, and smell. If you are testing the products, for optimal results it is best to section the hair and apply the products in order to compare and contrast. The images shown are actual products that you will receive. They will be labeled strictly for identification purposes. These labels are not the same labels we use on our products or our client's products.