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Pricing & Other Options 



Stock Product Pricing

**Please note: Pricing below are for products with bottles (referred to as "units") and for bulk orders (by the gallon). For example 30 units/bottles of 8 oz Deep Moisture Shampoo will be $150 + shipping +tax (if applicable). For 2 gallons of Deep Moisture Shampoo it will be $128 +shipping +tax (if applicable). 

Pricing by the bottle (20 unit minimum):

*Pricing is subject to change 

Gallon Pricing (1 gallon minimum): 

**Pomades are not available in gallons** 

*Pricing is subject to change


Are you looking to increase profit margins? Interested in lowering your Cost Per Unit (CPU)? Check out our discount structure below: 


*Pricing is subject to change

Large Order Incentives

We love offering our clients with the choice of starting out small or going all in! With Envii Haircare, YOU SPEND MORE= YOU SAVE MORE! That's why we offer awesome discounts based on quantity of units or gallons purchased. 

Benefits when ordering 400 units or more: 

  • Up to 45% off product total 
  • One-Stop-Shop Label Service 
  • Eligible for Shipping B2B 
  • 4 oz, 12 oz, or 16 oz container options 

Benefits when ordering 11 gallons or more: 

  • Up to 45% off product total 
  • S&H discounts 


Referral Program 

We appreciate you as a continued client and would like to show our appreciation by offering a referral incentive. Simply have the referral add your full name and/or business entity on the NEW CLIENT ORDER FORM to receive 10% off your future purchase!


1. Referral MUST enter referee information on ORDER REQUEST FORM. 
2. Referral must make purchase within 30 days of completing the ORDER REQUEST FORM
3. Referee MUST be an EXISTING CLIENT in order to receive discount. 
4. Referral solicitation is prohibited 
5. Once referral submits payment, 30 calendar days must pass before discount is given to referee. 
6. Discount can be combined with other discounts provided on price chart and discount chart above.

***(This offer does not include promotional offers)