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Pricing & Other Options 


Stock Product Pricing

**Please note: Pricing below are for products with bottles (referred to as "units") and for bulk orders (by the gallon). For example 30 units/bottles of 8 oz Deep Moisture Shampoo will be $150 + shipping +tax (if applicable). For 2 gallons of Deep Moisture Shampoo it will be $128 +shipping +tax (if applicable). 

Pricing by the bottle (20 unit minimum):

*Pricing is subject to change 

Gallon Pricing (1 gallon minimum): 

**Pomades are not available in gallons** 

*Pricing is subject to change


Are you looking to increase profit margins? Interested in lowering your Cost Per Unit (CPU)? Check out our discount structure below: 


*Pricing is subject to change

Large Order Incentives

We love offering our clients with the choice of starting out small or going all in! With Envii Haircare, YOU SPEND MORE= YOU SAVE MORE! That's why we offer awesome discounts based on quantity of units or gallons purchased. 

Benefits when ordering 400 units or more: 

  • Up to 45% off product total 
  • One-Stop-Shop Label Service 
  • Eligible for Shipping B2B 
  • 4 oz, 12 oz, or 16 oz container options 

Benefits when ordering 11 gallons or more: 

  • Up to 45% off product total 
  • S&H discounts